‘Get over it!’ MTV’s racist white privilege video puts Tomi Lahren nearly over the edge

The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren went after MTV with a vengeance this week, and left no doubt as to her “Final Thoughts.”

MTV produced a video which offered a set of moronic New Year’s resolution suggestions just for white guys, under the apparent premise that all the world’s ills can be attributed to Caucasian males.

Lauren, never known for being a wilting flower, wasn’t buying any of it.

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Clip via Facebook

“What is this garbage?” she asked after playing a short clip from the MTV video. “Apparently white males are no longer allowed to say ‘all lives matter’ or ‘blue lives matter’ or ‘woke’ because a group of snowflakes on MTV say so.”

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Lahren observed that “all lives matter” is inclusive and takes in black lives, but noted one distinction:

“The all lives matter movement has yet to burn down a CVS or block an interstate,” she said.

“If I or any white male want to say ‘woke’ you better believe we will freaking say woke!” Lahren said, before giving them a wake-up call about the new sheriff coming to town.

“Your ObamaPhones are about to become alarm clocks under President Trump, so get woke and get a job,” she said. “And just in case these dim wits created by MTV aren’t aware: Donald Trump will be our 45th president. Your whiny tantrums, recounts, protests and hashtags won’t change that. He’s a white male: Get over it!”

Whew! You never want to be on Lahren’s bad side.

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