‘Alt-Right’ leader mulls run for Congress, says white heritage movement is NOT white supremacy or racism

White nationalist Richard Spencer is considering running for Congress.

Spencer, founder of the Alt-Right movement (short for “alternative right”), may campaign for Montana’s only congressional seat if incumbent Ryan Zinke is confirmed as Interior Secretary in Donald Trump‘s Cabinet.

Spencer, who has never held public office, revealed on Twitter that he would likely run as an Independent.

Spencer is president of the National Policy Institute, an organization “dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of people of European descent,” according to its website.

Spencer has been widely slammed as a “white supremacist.” But Richard denies he’s a white supremacist or a racist, saying those are alarmist labels being pushed by liberal mainstream media trying to censor alternative viewpoints.

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“Whenever there’s an authentic identity movement for White people, it’s labeled ‘literally Hitler,’ ‘KKK,’ or ‘Southern confederate,'” Spencer told BizPac Review.  “A ‘white supremacist’ wants to rule over or enslave other people. I don’t want to do that.”


Richard Spencer coined the term “alt right” in 2010.

He explained:

‘White nationalist’ is more descriptive: a nationalist with a racial component, and not merely ethnic or civic ones. The terms I prefer are Alt Right and identitarian. Alt Right implies a new beginning, a departure from mainstream ‘conservatism.’

Identitarian means that our movement is fundamentally about identity. We ask the question ‘Who are we?’ before we ask other questions like ‘What economic system should we have?’ or ‘What should our foreign policy be?’

While Spencer supports Donald Trump, Trump disavowed the alt right movement. “It’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why,” Trump said last month.

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Richard Spencer jokingly asked Malik Obama, the politically conservative half-brother of President Barack Obama, for his endorsement.

The unexpected Twitter exchange was amusing:

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