Amusing: Pathetic Michael Moore begs libs to keep fighting . . . ‘the tanks are 20 miles outside of Paris’

Friday night, liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore paid a visit to MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes. The topic? What else – Donald Trump and the election.

Facing defeat after defeat, Moore is trying to get liberals to maintain hope and “keep fighting” because we “don’t know” what is going to happen.

“And then be ready for them to start the day after the inaugurations passing law after law after law,” Moore continued. In response, the liberal filmmaker thinks that people should participate in “protesting, obstructing, disrupting, civil disobedience.”

“I mean, the man has no right to enter that house.”

Moore later tweeted this:

The tweet linked to a Facebook post where Moore expresses his conviction that enough so-called “faithless electors” will somehow deny Trump the White House. His rant ends with:

Get over it and pull yourself together. “The tanks are 20 miles outside of Paris!” Throw everything you got at this and do not relent. You’re in the friggin’ majority! Let’s act like it. Make your voice heard on social media and in front of your state capitol. An authoritarian regime is about to take hold in DC, and they are going to run roughshod over you, me and all that is good. Get over your election depression and fight like you’ve never fought before. Non-violently. With conviction. There are more of us than there are of them. Only 23% of all registered adult American voters showed up and voted for Trump. Come on! It’s not over til it’s over.

Moore had his supporters on social media, but plenty of detractors as well:

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