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Newsweek writer goes off the charts BONKERS when Tucker holds his feet to the FIRE for Trump claim

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson brought Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald on his Thursday show to discuss some extremely negative tweets the supposedly non-biased journalist has made about Donald Trump and his supporters.

For example:

There are plenty more where that came from, but it would take several hours to go through all of the man’s tweets just from the past several days. (I mean seriously, this guy LOVES to tweet.)

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He also loves to hear himself talk, especially if it’s dodging really simple questions from conservative interviewers, as he embarrisingly proved to Tucker and his audience Thursday evening.

In a nutshell, the issue Carlson spent the over nine minute interview trying to get to the bottom of was, what evidence Eichenwald had for tweeting, back in September, that Trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital in 1990. The Newsweek reporter later deleted the tweet, but fortunately Rolling Stone writer Corbin Reiff got a screenshot:


Repeatedly, Carlson asked Eichenwald for a basic answer to the question of whether he had evidence for his contention, and each time the Newsweek reporter would dodge the question and go into some sort of odd backstory.

To say that the interview went off the rails, would be an understatement. Carson was in clear disbelief of Eichenwald’s actions but did his best, in vain, to keep his guest on track.

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“This is a little nutty!” Carlson couldn’t help but blurt out at one point. “How can Newsweek employ you?!” he added.

By the end, Carlson told Eichenwald that he was “concerned about your behavior on this show tonight.”

Watch the entire, cringeworthy clip. You’ll be glad you did!

After the show, Eichenwald did respond to Tucker’s question on, where else, Twitter… sort of (these two – screenshots – were part of a tweetstorm he sent directly after the interview, then later, true to form, deleted):


In other words, no evidence. Thanks, Kurt! You could have saved us nine minutes of watching Carlson humiliate you to a national audience.

But then again, maybe that was worth it!

Needless to say, social media users were not kind to the liberal Newsweek columnist:




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