California senator-elect already taking hits for obnoxiously arrogant climate change tweet

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California Attorney General and Senator-elect Kamala Harris wants you to know exactly where she stands regarding people who dare to disagree with the established liberal view on “climate change.”

That’s right, people who believe that climate change “doesn’t exist” think the earth is flat and the Loch Ness monster is real. They probably believe the moon is made of green cheese too.

Except, does ANYONE believe that climate change truly “doesn’t exist?”

Beloved actor Alan Thicke died and this actress made it about Donald Trump – apology expected!

Talk about a strawman – you know, the fallacy of building up and knocking down an opponent’s argument that … doesn’t actually exist!

It’s more nuanced than that, of course, and Kamala knows it. It’s not that “skeptics” think the climate isn’t changing, but in which direction, and to what extent is man involved? And if the United States somehow went back to the stone age and did everything Flintstone style, how would that stop ALL the other nations, including and especially China and India, from doing what they do?

Thankfully, several Twitter users called the soon-to-be California senator out on her misuse of logic:

And finally, some great advice for Ms. Harris:

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