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Bristol Palin’s as tough as her mom; rips into comedian Kathy Griffin for low-rent incident with Megyn Kelly

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The girl just can’t get a break.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, went after comedienne Kathy Griffin in a blog post for a tasteless stunt Griffin pulled last week. Then Palin got hit for something totally unrelated.

Bristol Palin, pictured left, had a bone to pick with Kathy Griffin
Bristol Palin, pictured left, had a bone to pick with Kathy Griffin

While speaking at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast Wednesday, Fox News host Megyn Kelly was booed, cursed at and given the middle finger salute by the outspoken and far-left Griffin.

Palin’s blog post laid into Griffin.

Would it hurt some people to have a little respect for others these days? Obviously, that’s too much to ask for Kathy Griffin who can’t seem to muster any human decency while out in public.

It’s no surprise that she is upset that Donald Trump was elected president, but for a high-profile Hollywood liberal feminist, you’d think she’d be at least courteous to a fellow woman even if that person is a Fox News host. Of course, you’d be wrong.

At The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast Wednesday morning, Megyn Kelly spoke to the crowd and offered her cautious support of Trump saying, “I have high hopes for him despite the tweets and all the rest of it. There is much to admire about Donald Trump.”

Unable to contain her hatred, Griffin blurted out a loud “boo.”

Gracefully, Kelly told her to “stop that” and added, “There’s room for the loyal opposition in this country, absolutely.”

But Griffin continued, this time with her middle fingers raised and a classy, “F*** him!” for all to hear.


Palin, who is married to Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, announced at about the same time that she’s pregnant with her third child. The Hill reported:

That news brought the hate and derision down on the young woman.

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When one asked if the father’s identity was known, he was promptly schooled.

If and when Palin announces that she’s expecting a fourth child, the jackasses will likely come out again.


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