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Trump team has an idea for what the CIA should do with a report about Russia helping him win; see statement . . .

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The Trump team isn’t buying it.

President-elect Donald Trump‘s transition team released a statement Friday giving their response to the CIA’s alleged conclusions from its investigation into possible interference of last month’s presidential election by the Russian government.


The CIA report concluded that the Russian government actively interfered with the election process to aid the president-elect’s campaign, according to The Washington Post.

Trump is sticking to his guns, though. CBS News reported:

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When news of the CIA’s report was posted to social media, it raised the eyebrows of other folks as well.

One tweep observed that this is nothing new. The Obama administration has a history of trying to direct the outcome of foreign elections.

Another response was of the “so what?” variety, reasoning that most civilized countries wanted Trump to win.

The CIA’s report was an apparent response to President Obama’s order that the intelligence community launch a probe into the 2016 election.



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