Laura Ingraham has had about all she can take of the left’s ‘different kind of racism’

In Barack Obama‘s world, everything is rooted in skin color.

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Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham found it “both preposterous and pathetic” that President Obama attributes any negative comments directed at him to racism.

Clip via Fox News Channel

During a recent CNN special, “The Legacy of Barack Obama,” the president attributed criticism at his far-left policies to the color of his skin, singled out “Southern whites” in particular.

Ingraham didn’t exactly appreciate that.

“The idea that you can’t harbor a negative view of Obama’s accomplishments … without being a racist if you’re living in the south and are Caucasian, means that it’s a different kind of racism,” she told Fox News host Sean Hannity.

The far-left is “always going to excuse failed liberal policies by trying to play some kind of identity politics,” the conservative talk radio host said — in this case skin color.

Ingraham, who’s being considered for the post of White House spokeswoman in the upcoming Donald Trump administration, observed that former Attorney General Eric Holder “also brought this up a few years back that criticism of Barack Obama was based in race.”

She said that people generally like the president and see him as “a good father and a good guy,” but dislike the direction he has taken the country.

She said that since Obama has taken over, the country was “More divided, [had] fewer jobs, more globalization [and] open borders.”

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“I guess you can’t blame Bush anymore, so you just go with race,” she concluded.

Hannity observed that Obama’s liberal policies played a huge role in the election of Trump.

“Obama never evolved beyond the campus activist setting,” Ingraham said.

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