‘Belligerent’ actor Judge Reinhold carted off in cuffs, accuses airport TSA of taking things a little too far

Actor Judge Reinhold was arrested disorderly conduct at Dallas Love Field Thursday when he became uncooperative after TSA agents selected him for a random pat-down search.

Clip via Fox 4 News

Reinhold, 59, known for his roles in “Beverly Hills Cop” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” continued to be uncooperative when was offered to be searched in a private screening room.

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He claimed he didn’t understand why he had to be searched after going through a scanner, according to the Dallas Morning News, which reported:

Dallas attorney Steve Stodghill, who’s representing the actor, said Reinhold successfully passed through the TSA scanner and was stopped only after his bag set off an alarm. Stodghill said that’s when TSA agents asked to pat down Reinhold, who didn’t understand why he needed to be searched after he’d gone through the scanner without incident.


“Thanks for the exposure guys” the film actor said as he was being led off by Dallas police. “I really appreciate it.”

Fox 4 reported:

The Dallas police indicated in a brief statement that officers covering the airport were “alerted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regarding an individual causing a disturbance by refusing to submit to a screening at the appropriate checkpoint area. The officers responded and subsequently took the individual into custody after he refused to comply.”

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WFAA-TV reported that Reinhold became belligerent and removed his shirt during his encounter with the agents.

One tweep humorously observed that this was nothing new for the actor.

The following raw footage was obtained by TMZ:

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