English crime fighting ‘plan’ will have you feeling sorry for every sane person across the pond

In England, residents are being encouraged to combat crime with the help of Mother Nature.

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With the launch of a new Defensive Planting Initiative, the Colchester Borough Council hopes to “help residents and businesses choose the best shrubs and other living barriers to plant, in order to boost security and deter crime such as burglary.”

“Living barriers can be one of the best and most attractive ways of securing your home and property against crime,” Pam Donnelly, Chair of the Safer Colchester Partnership, said. “Although it can take some time for plants to grow, the end result really does justify the effort and should deter even the most determined burglar.”

Progressively eroding citizens’ rights to self-defense, England has largely banned the private possession of handguns while other firearms are tightly controlled or completely prohibited, according to the NRA.

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Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch is growing a different kind of garden. The BlazeTV host shared what she is planting in  her own yard.


Twitter users joined the defensive planting initiative with some planting suggestions of their own.

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