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MSNBC’s Maddow gets a little dramatic over one phone call

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It’s going to be a very rough 4 to 8 years for MSNBC darling, Rachel Maddow!

Maddow laid into the president-elect Donald Trump for accepting a congratulatory phone call from President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen.

“This conceivably is the way wars start” she told her viewers.

Maddow went through a history of our relationship with the communist regime and concluded that Trump — by the simple act of accepting the call — may have “torn up” all Sino-American relations that have slowly been nurtured for more than four decades.

“We don’t know if he did it on purpose or if he just bumbled into it,” she said.

Yes — she used the word “bumbled” — one that is doubtful she’d choose if she thought President Obama had screwed up. And what was Trump supposed to do, hang up on the lady?

“Either way, this conceivably is the way wars start,” she concluded.

Until Friday night when Trump accepted the call, no U.S. president or president-elect has spoken to a Taiwan — a country that the United States has no formal diplomatic relations with — in nearly 40 years.

While the liberal media blasted Trump’s decision, progressive Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera thought it could have been a genius move.

Most recently, Sen. Ted Cruz seemed to applaud the call.  The Texas Republican said he’d rather Trump talk to Taiwan than, say, Cuba or Iran.

The late former President Richard M. Nixon made a similar “genius move” when he broke with tradition by recognizing the People’s Republic of China, opening diplomatic relations with the communist regime and even visiting it in 1972.

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