Karma for Kap? So what got San Francisco quarterback BENCHED during Sunday’s game?

After a dismal three-plus quarters of play against the Chicago Bears, San Francisco benched 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

While he completed a mere one out of five passes for a gain of four yards, his net passing yard gain stood at minus-21 when factoring in his taking of five sacks.

NFL Network reported:

The Bears had a 24-6 lead when head coach Chip Kelly replaced the controversial quarterback with Blaine Gabbert. Chicago came into the game with a 2-9 record. Michael David Smith, managing editor of Pro Football Talk, observed that this was an all-time NFL record.

His parents must be so proud. Folks on social media were delighted.

In addition to taking a knee during the national anthem, Kaepernick professed an admiration for the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, put even Snoop Dog over the edge.

Like the month of March, Kaepernick came into the game filled with confidence but walked out with his tail between his legs.

“I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable in this offense,” Kaepernick told reporters in Orlando Tuesday, according to Niners Wire. “Ultimately, I think that’s what it comes down to for a quarterback is getting comfortable in an offense, really getting your feet settled in, getting that foundation to be able to go out and just play freely, and this offense has been great for me in that way.”

Apparently, he was “comfortable” to the point of dozing off.

Justice was served all around.

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