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From his clean perch, Chuck Todd chides Kellyanne and Clinton campaign rep for intense Harvard spat

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Chuck Todd says both the Trump and Clinton camps are being bad sports.

Todd, who took a few minutes away from his full-time job as a Hillary Clinton shill, slammed operatives for Team Trump and Team Clinton for being obnoxious following Donald Trump‘s victory.

“What has happened to grace and humility?” Todd asked on MSNBC. “Nobody has shown any of it. Not the campaigns, either side of it.”

Todd continued: “I have to say that the Trump campaign has come across as sore winners. And Clinton folks came across as sore losers.”


Todd was reacting to the shouting match that erupted at the post-election forum at Harvard University. Postmortem sessions have taken place after every election since 1972.

While the panel discussions featuring members of both the winning and losing camps are usually civil, the one between Team Clinton and Team Trump escalated into vicious name-calling.

It all started after Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri accused Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway of running a platform based on white supremacy.

Conway hit back, and accused Palmieri of being a sore loser who failed to acknowledge the many flaws of her scandal-plagued candidate.

Todd — usually an outspoken champion for Clinton — appeared to agree somewhat with Conway.

“It is okay to admit some mistakes,” Todd said. “And it seems right now at that conference everybody was looking to blame someone else. Nobody would look in the mirror.”

Ironically, Todd was concerned that Team Clinton and Team Trump were setting a poor example for the next generation of political consultants and “journalists” who had attended the Harvard forum.

“These are supposed to be role models for young, up-and-coming political consultants and political journalists,” Todd brayed. “I’m sorry for a 20 or 21-year-old right now. I’m worried they will look at this and say, ‘I’m not going into this business, I’m going somewhere else. This is an sh*t show.’”

If Chuck Todd wants to spotlight an example of a lack of humility, he should point to President Obama‘s premature “mic drop” celebration of the Trump defeat that never happened:

Trump mocks snowflake leftist reporter who cried on election night when he won

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