Sparks fly in heated debate over disturbing comments made by suggested DNC chair Keith Ellison

Storm clouds formed Thursday night over Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” as Town Hall editor Katie Pavlich and Democratic National Committee platform member Nomiki Konst went at it over appointing Rep. Keith Ellison as the nextDNC chair.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly observed that the Minnesota Democrat once praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as a “role model,” called Adolph Hitler “a great man” and described Judaism as “a gutter religion.”

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That the DNC was considering Ellison as its chair came as no surprise to Pavlich, who said the party “has become increasingly anti-Israel over the past couple of years,” beginning with the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

“Keith Ellison is a radical, he has no business running a major party in this country,” Pavlich concluded.

Konst claimed that Ellison’s questionable comments are from years ago and have been taken out of context by his detractors.

“Lets be very clear here, Keith Ellison has been one of the strongest allies for Israel,” she claimed. “He has fought against Holocaust deniers in the state legislature” and sought billions in funding for the Jewish state.

When Kelly began disputing some of Konst’s claims, the debate soon degenerated into crosstalk with all three trying to make themselves heard over the other.

Konst ignored Ellison’s anti-Jewish statements and claimed that his legislative record was what was important, and then segued into a claim that President-elect Donald Trump was a white supremacist.

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One of America‘s top Jewish civil rights organizations, the Anti-Defamation League, said Ellison was unfit to take the helm of his party and called his past remarks “both deeply disturbing and disqualifying,” The Daily Caller reported.

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