Donald Trump’s skillful John Kasich trolling gets the Ohio Governor booed in his own state

Ohio Governor John Kasich didn’t just get trolled by President-elect Donald Trump in his own state, he got booed by his own constituents.

Trump’s “Thank You” tour began in Cincinnati, Ohio Thursday night, with his first major post-election speech. Kasich didn’t attend, of course, his staff citing meetings in Columbus as the reason.

But the governor’s ears were probably tingling because, whether present or not, Trump was looking right at him.

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Describing the nature of his massive victory in Ohio, the president-elect said, “We didn’t have much help at the top levels, you know that. And then it turned out it didn’t matter. But we had help from the people, and that did matter.”

Later in his speech, the crowd actually booed their governor when Trump asked: “In the great state of Ohio, we didn’t have the upper echelon of politician either, did we?”

After the boos had subsided, Trump tossed Kasich a bone:

“But I will say this, and it was very nice. Your governor, John Kasich, called me after the election and was very nice. He said ‘congratulations. That was amazing.’ He couldn’t believe how much we won Ohio by or the election by.”

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Twitter, however, wasn’t quite so nice to the former #NeverTrumper:

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