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Rob Lowe asks unexpected question about terrorism, and one great answer keeps popping up!

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It’s rare, but sometimes celebrities ask good questions – especially Conservative-thinking ones.

Rob Lowe’s was a doozy and most Twitter users were on the same page with their answers.

The Islamic State took credit for the recent lone-wolf style terror attack on the Ohio State University campus, calling the attacker one of its soldiers. The Washington Post reported:

Anti-racism strategist finds it ‘interesting’ that the ‘white’ officer who shot the ‘black’ Somali is being ‘paraded as a hero’

That, in turn, prompted actor Rob Lowe, a Dayton Ohio native, to ask a question that’s in every American’s thoughts.

When are we going to start getting serious about radical Islamic terror?

With President Obama still unable to even utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorist,” many came up with the same answer — when Obama is out of office and President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in.

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And that’s why the election came out as it did, they tweeted.

All of which made the American people the ultimate decider in this.

Respondents also observed that Trump can’t do it all on his own — it’ll take others working in concert with him.

At least one still clung to the illusion that the attack was gun-related, when it was actually a gun that put an end to it.

And finally, one person noted that Lowe’s thoughts run counter to what we’ve seen from Hollywood actors. Could he maybe convince a few others to leave the dark side?

The Hollywood mindset, unfortunately, is a problem that can’t be solved at the polls.


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