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Show this to your kids! Tucker Carlson DESTROYS liberal pro-Castro professor in must-watch exchange

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Rene de la Pedraja, a history professor at Buffalo, New York’s Canisius College, went on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to talk about what an amazing run Fidel Castro had in Cuba.

Because that’s what liberals do these days – defend Fidel Castro.

Tucker was having absolutely none of it.

In an exchange for the ages, Carlson repeatedly challenged de la Pedraja on why, beyond the contentions that Castro supposedly implemented a strong education system and abolished segregation, liberals constantly defend the man.

Why does the left make excuses for a monster like Castro? Why?” Tucker asked.

“Because he’s become a symbol not just in Cuba but throughout the world for people who, believe it or not, are seeking freedom, are seeking opportunities,” de la Pedraja said with a straight face.

The professor blamed the dictator’s animosity toward the United States on assassination attempts Castro believed the US government was behind from 1959 onward, and even defended the Cuban medical system. “People do fly to Cuba for operations because it’s cheaper there … because they have such great health services,” de la Pedraja insisted.

When challenged on the fact that for most of Castro’s reign Cubans were forbidden from leaving the island, thus making them veritable prisoners, de la Pedraja had the nerve to say they did so for “economic reasons,” and often left their families behind to “start a new life.”

“That’s a deeply, deeply cruel and unfair thing to say. You should be ashamed,” Carlson said before decrying the impulse of left to defend totalitarianism.

This exchange is an absolute must-watch, and it’s also one to show the kids so they can begin to understand the kind of thinking that leads to brutal dictatorships, and how to effectively counter it.

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