This Fox News favorite is reportedly being considered for Trump’s press secretary

A popular Fox News contributor is reportedly on the short list to be Donald Trump’s White House press secretary — Monica Crowley.

While conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway have been floated as being among Trump’s choices to fill this position, Crowley’s name has been cropping up lately, Politico reported.

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Crowley, who was an early and loyal supporter of the president-elect, is also a columnist for the Washington Times and has had prior experience working with presidents — specifically, Richard Nixon, after he left office.

It was Crowley who observed early on in a column that Trump was resurrecting the “silent majority,” a term used by Nixon to describe his own constituency.

But while Crowley has remained largely silent on the possibility, Ingraham, who is also a Fox News contributor and was once a Ronald Reagan speechwriter, has been actively campaigning for the position and would like to see it expanded. Politico reported:

Ingraham has confirmed that her name is in the mix and hinted, in her public comments addressing the speculation, that she wants a role in shaping the Trump agenda. But she apparently wants a title that elevates her beyond just dominating the spin cycle.

“It’s a big decision, but I’m at the point where, if my country needs me, and if I can do something to actually, you know, advance the Trump agenda, which is stuff I have written about now for 15 years, with trade, immigration and just renewing America, then I obviously have to seriously consider that,” she told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.


So far the Trump transition team has kept its thinking close to its vest and has offered no hints as to which direction it’s heading.

Crowley fans were excited at the prospect.

During one of her Fox News appearances, Crowley described what it was like working for Nixon — and how she obtained the position.

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