Man comes to tears explaining Trump’s victory: ‘Finally, someone gave a damn my dad lost his job’

In order to pull off his improbable electoral victory, Donald Trump had to win over states that hadn’t voted Republican in years. His best shot? Rust belt states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, all of which had been decimated by disastrous trade policies supported by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Hamilton star who lectured Mike Pence has just been dealt the ultimate dose of karma; time to rethink that apology!

When Fox News interviewed low-budget horror film producer Cody Knotts for a documentary on Trump’s victory, the Pennsylvanian spoke to the heart of why Trump was able to win him over, and eventually enough people to swing the state red.

In a raw, emotional interview, Knotts explains that voting for Trump this time around was essentially a vote for his father.

“None of them [presidential candidates] want to change trade policy. They all want to sell out the average working man so that their buddies can make more money,” Knotts said. “Is he the best messenger? No, but he’s the only messenger we’ve got.”

“When I found out Donald Trump I started crying. Finally someone gave a damn that my dad lost his job. Somebody cared.”

Laura Ingraham’s hilarious Thanksgiving joke won’t be told around Hillary Clinton’s table!

The fruits of globalism, the empty factories, stagnant wages, and missing opportunities were all starkly evident in enough key “blue wall” states to turn them red for the first time in a generation. But only because of the powerful message delivered by Donald Trump.

Watch the moving clip below from Fox News’ The Trump Revolution:

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