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‘Unacceptable!’ Vacationing Jake Tapper says he is furious at his staff for running THIS across the screen at CNN

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With a fringe element white nationalist conference taking place over the weekend in Washington, D.C., the media contorted itself in all manners to link the event to President-elect Donald Trump.

…though CNN’s Jake Tapper was not too pleased with the actions of his network.

Not that National Policy Institute conference didn’t do its part in calling attention to Trump, as seen in the video below:

To make it clear where his administration stands, Trump’s transition team released a definitive statement denouncing racism:

But that only added more fuel to the fire for media arsonists only too happy to focus on the actions of a handful of folks on the fringe to further fuel a racially divisive narrative in America, which includes CNN.

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As seen in the photo below, the network was not only content with promoting the so-called “alt-right,” but went so far as to include a shocking chyron:

So egregious was the stunt that even a vacationing Tapper had to say something after a social media user pointed out that it occurred on HIS show — the observation was in response to Tapper critiquing the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of the white nationalist conference.

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“Yes, I’m off this week and I’m furious about that chyron and my staff has heard from me. Unacceptable,” Tapper responded:

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