Queen Elizabeth plans to host Trump in 2017; let’s hope it goes better than Obama’s visit

President-elect Donald Trump will be invited to an audience with England’s Queen Elizabeth II sometime after his inauguration on January 20. Let’s hope it goes better than President Barack Obama‘s visit.

Plans for the event, tentatively to be held at Whitehall in the summer of 2017, are in full swing, although the formal invitation won’t come until after Trump is sworn in, according to The Sunday Times, which reported:

Details of the planning were revealed by two ministers and a senior official close to Downing Street. A No 10 source confirmed that Trump would visit in 2017.

Trump is already expecting the invitation and discussed his excitement at the prospect of visiting the Queen when he met Nigel Farage and fellow Brexit backers Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and Raheem Kassam at his New York apartment last Saturday.

“He’s looking forward to it,” a Farage group member said. “He’s a massive Anglophile. He was really, really keen. His late mother, Mary, loved the Queen. He said, ‘I’m going to meet her, too. I can’t wait to come over to England. My mum would be chuffed to bits when I meet the Queen.’”


President Obama’s own audience with the queen seemed to ignore that Great Britain has long been the United States’ strongest ally.

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The exchange of gifts between heads of state has been established protocol for centuries, but Obama’s notion of “the gift that keeps on giving” was odd to the point of bizarre.

Queen Elizabeth presented the Obama’s a silver framed signed photograph. And what did she receive in return?

An iPod.

Worse yet, it included a selection of Obama’s own speeches.

The queen should have seen that one coming, however. When British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited the White House the month before, he presented Obama with a pen holder carved from the timber of an anti-slave ship, in thoughtful recognition of Obama’s African-American heritage.

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In return, Brown received a boxed DVD set of American movies. He may as well have given him a Best Buy gift certificate for all the thought that went into it.

There’s little worry that Trump will be so thoughtless. He already indicated that he plans to return the bust of the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill back to the oval office after his inauguration, which Obama had removed.


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