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ACLU says Trump needs to apologize for asking rude cast of ‘Hamilton’ to apologize

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The American Civil Liberties Union has just ramped up Friday night’s Pence-Hamilton booing event, and said that it’s the president and vice president-elect that should be doing the apologizing.

Following an incident when Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed by the audience and dressed down by a cast member of “Hamilton, an American Musical,” President-elect Donald Trump demanded an apology.

Now the ACLU, which was not a party to the incident, has butted into the controversy and acted as judge, jury and executioner and ruled that the American people are the ones who need the apology. Really? The whole American public? The civil rights organization tweeted:

Thew ACLU followed that up with two more statements:

No one is challenging the First Amendment’s freedom of expression — it’s the venue that was chosen that is being called into question. Although this distinction was lost on the ACLU, it wasn’t lost on the American people — those that the ACLU claimed deserved an apology.

Does that mean turnabout is fair play? Apparently.

Several people imagined the ACLU’s reaction to President Obama being booed and lectured to.

Another called into question the ACLU’s selective causes.

Maybe the American Civil Liberties Union should have just butted out.

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