Leftism: Then vs. now video exposes liberals’ goalpost-moving tactics

The slippery slope is only a fallacy when liberals are NOT involved, as this “Freedom Toons” created video, released Thursday, astutely points out.

The cartoon transitions between a conversation between a liberal and a normal guy in 2008, when liberals weren’t quite as looney as they are now, and 2016. The interactions show the leftist dismissing a legitimate concern about a liberal position in 2008 only to brazenly demand conformity in 2016 to what the man was concerned the position would eventually be.

Conservatives are always paranoid for expecting the worst, but when the worst actually happens, well, we’re supposed to get with the program!

One example used in the video is that of Christian bakers or photographers having to take part in gay weddings lest they be driven out of business. Conservatives were paranoid in 2008 when they expressed concern this could happen, but in 2016 their nightmares more than became reality.

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Other issues are tackled as well. It’s an eye-opening documentation of a very real liberal tactic – moving the goalposts.

Watch and enjoy:

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Scott Morefield


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