Afghan war hero, double-amputee wins tough election; vows to keep fighting to clean up Washington

Congressman-elect Brian Mast won a hard-fought, brutal and sometimes nasty campaign waged against him by his Democratic rival to wrestle command of Florida’s 18th congressional district.

The Afghanistan war hero and double-amputee was an honored guest on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

Clip via Fox News Channel

The loss of both his legs from an IED blast represented an abrupt end to the service of his country in the military and the beginning of his plan to serve it in another capacity — as a U.S. Congressman.

He said that he wants to continue his fight for America in Congress in the same manner that he fought on the battlefield.

“If you’re a service member in any branch of the military, when you go out on the battlefield you fight for this country,” he said. “You don’t fight for personal gain or anything else. You’re fighting for the right reasons.”

Then he expanded on President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp.”

“That’s not about getting rid of everybody who works up here; it’s about the way that you go about doing your business.” he said. It’s “making sure that we fill Washington, D.C. with people who serve selflessly.”

One of Mast’s obvious goals will be to reform a Veterans Administration, something promised — then forgotten — by President Obama.

“The VA is servicing people who love this country so much that they were willing to give the last breath in their lungs. What they deserve back is love,” he said, adding that those who aren’t willing to do so should be dismissed.

During the campaign, Mast’s opponent, Randy Perkins often dismissed Mast’s service, and at one point suggested that he was better off because he didn’t pay anything for his health care.

Mast paid — and continues to pay — with the loss of two limbs.

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