Head of America’s oldest pro-Israel group calls anti-Semitic hype over Steve Bannon ‘ridiculous’

The left is livid over Predsident-elect Donald Trump’s choice of former Breitbart CEO Stephen Bannon as his White House chief strategist, calling him anti-Semitic and homophobic.

Clip via Fox News Channel

Child of Holocaust survivors Morton Klein, who is also president of the Zionist Organization of America, the country’s oldest pro-Israel group, calls those claims ridiculous.

“Steve Bannon has a number of Orthodox Jews who wear yamakas all day long working for him,” Klein told “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade. “He has homosexuals working for him — gay people. Anti-Semites wouldn’t do that.”

Klein also observed that while at Breitbart News, Bannon “had his reporters calling City College [of New York] repeatedly — had them calling Gov. [Andrew] Cuomo repeatedly, asking ‘how are you going to fight this anti-Semitism [at CCNY]?’”

Klein observed that “every article about Israel is positive” at Breitbart News. “This guy is the opposite of anti-Semite, he is a strong supporter of Israel,” he said and pulled out examples.

Kilmeade added that Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish, his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism and that her children are being raised as Jews.

Klein agreed, and added that the people Trump surrounds himself with are “the most pro-Israel people I’ve seen in any administration — Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee.”

Klein also observed that liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said there was no evidence that Bannon was anti-Semitic.

Alan Dershowitz defends Steve Bannon: There’s no evidence he’s an anti-Semite

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