Sheriff Clarke wants to deal with post-election violent protests – HIS WAY!

Appearing on The Kelly File Friday night, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke discussed the violent and destructive riots that have continued for a third night in the wake of Donald Trump’s Tuesday presidential election victory.

“These are anarchists, full-fledged anarchists,” Clarke said. “They don’t even support the Constitution. This isn’t constitutionally protected behavior. They also advocate for the overthrow of the rule of law here in the United States of America.”

Of the purpose of the riots, Clarke said, “This is designed to intimidate the Trump administration right out of the gate and to intimidate Trump supporters so they don’t go big and bold once they take office in January, but they cannot be dissuaded by this.”

Saying the riots undermined “public confidence,” Clark insists they have “to be quelled immediately, and if not you’re going to see more property destruction you’re gong to see people injured, police officers injured, and possibly people killed.”

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And it’s President Obama, not President-elect Trump, who should be tasked with the job.

“President-elect Donald Trump has to be a little careful here because this is a job for the President of the United States and the Constitution calls for only one and until January 20th that’s Barack Obama. Look, these are his supporters … It is their responsibility to reach out and to remind these individuals of this time-honored, peaceful transition of power here in the United States.”

The Milwaukee county sheriff spoke of several ways “reasonable force” have been used in his own county to quell disturbances, such as rubber bullets, bean bags, flash bangs, tear gas, etc.

If not, “What you can’t do is you can’t let momentum build … early on is when you have to disburse these problems.”

On the potential for an appointment at Homeland Security, which would seem to many like a perfect position for him, Clarke said, “We’re a long ways from that … there were no strings attached [to his support of Donald Trump]. If the president asked me to serve I would step up and serve but I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Watch anti-Trump rioters get taken down as cops take back the streets; it’s a new day in America

Watch the video below:

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