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MSNBC runs into fed-up Trump supporter in a sea of protesters, and wow, does she let him have it

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Tempers from the left continue to mount over Tuesday’s presidential election results. But some from the right are releasing their venom also. A Donald Trump supporter laid into the liberal media for its unfair coverage of the Republican nominee Wednesday night in an epic rant.

MSNBC’s Cal Perry was assigned to cover the protests outside Trump Tower, where a gathering mob of malcontents expressed their dissatisfaction with Tuesday night election.

He recorded an exchange between a distraught and angry woman screaming into the face of a man attempting — without success — to explain that “she lost.” But the woman was having none of it.

Perry eventually ran into a woman who was just as distraught as the one previous. But this was a Trump supporter who decided to have her say at liberal media outlets — and it doesn’t get much more liberal than MSNBC.

The network bleeped out all her F-bombs.

Tea party patriots mounted similar protests following President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 wins.


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