Horror of horrors! MSNBC’s Mitchell shocked by image of Trump and Obama in Oval Office: ‘Good Lord’

Two days after the presidential election and the liberal mainstream media are still in disbelief over the results.

MSNBC clip via The Washington Free Beacon

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was especially taken aback over an image that brought that reality into crystal-clear focus — President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama seated as equals discussing the change in administrations.

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“That is the moment, Donald trump in the Oval Office with President Obama,” Mitchell said to viewers and guest, The Weekly Standard’s William Kristol.

She continued to report on the historic moment but let her emotions go and appeared shocked before ending her comments.

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“But, good lord, that is an image a lot of people did not expect to see,” Mitchell said.

Conservative Kristol, whose publication was a part of the “Never Trump” movement, admitted that he “didn’t expect to see it either.”

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