Dems already have new woman picked out for 2020 run – is she better than Hillary?

It didn’t even take a day.

Within hours of major news media outlets declaring Republican Donald Trump the president-elect, far-left loons began promoting Obama for 2020 — first lady Michelle Obama, that is.

The Telegraph picked up on the wave of liberal dissent, rejecting Trump and calling upon the first lady to rise to the occasion, taking to social media and using the hashtag #Michelle2020.

And the left was in ecstasy at the prospect.

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And what the heck! If you loved bumbling Bernie, you’ll absolutely swoon over “mean country” Michelle, right? Right?

Then there was this especially effusive endorsement of the first lady.

“People really, really want Michelle Obama to run for president”? Not so fast, Skippy! Conservatives weren’t at all thrilled at the notion of another Obama administration. Besides, in rejecting Clinton, Americans said loud and clear they wouldn’t stand for a White House dynasty.

And in a related twist, GlennBeck has taken his anti-Trump message to epic heights.

Most recently he praised the first lady’s take-down of the now-president-elect, making one wonder — whose side is he on anyway?

Clip via USA Today

An examination of Beck’s Twitter feed indicated that he hasn’t climbed aboard the #Michelle2020 frenzy — yet. In fact, one tweet suggests that he will support Trump as “our new president.” But it also suggests that he would have felt the same had Clinton won.

Only time will tell with Beck. But for the rest of us, break open the bubbly and let the celebrations begin! And be sure to keep an eye on that #Michelle2020 crowd.

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