Desperate lib actress promotes ‘extinction’ of ‘straight white males’ because it’s high-time ‘others’ lead


You must be really desperate when this all you’ve got to inspire your base.

Liberal loon actress and rabid Clinton supporter Lena Dunham is calling the act of eliminating “straight white males” from society a “beautiful” evolution. Others would call it plain crazy.

She posted an animation by Sophie Koko Gate on the subject to her Twitter feed, promoting the notion that “straight white men are a problem.”

The post is a seemingly pathetic attempt to rally Hillary’s radical base, since that’s about all she has left. The video states that it’s high-time “straight white males step back” and let other people lead.

Hmm? I wonder who she has in mind?

Her tweet prompted lively conversation on social media.

It seems that at every turn, liberals promote diversity — unless you’re white, male or heterosexual.

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