Here’s how Hillary reacts to Florida voters screaming ‘Lock her up’

Hillary Clinton‘s decades of scandals have taught her how to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to anything.

Clinton ran into several vocal Donald Trump supporters chanting “Lock her up!” at an early voting site in Pompano Beach, Florida, on Sunday.

In typical Hillary fashion, she pretended not to hear the pleas of American voters, and walked right on by.

Clinton and Trump have been both campaigning heavily in battleground state Florida.


Hillary’s camp was growing overly confident of an impending victory until FBI Director James Comey dropped a bomb last Friday by announcing the agency is reopening a criminal investigation into her private email server.

Clinton’s poll numbers have tanked since the FBI launched its news probe. Democratic pollster Pat Caddell is now predicting a Trump landslide.

Hillary Clinton is the only U.S. presidential candidate in history to be under two criminal investigations while running for the nation’s top job.

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