No worries, Hillary’s barefaced lie about Comey’s letter to Congress was explained away . . .

Her lips were moving, right?

FBI Director James Comey’s announcement Friday that the bureau discovered additional emails related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton‘s private email server caused such an uproar that few realized the candidate’s dishonesty in responding to the development.

Clinton held a news conference to comment on the bombshell announcement and in the process, the Democratic nominee claimed that when Comey notified Congress by letter, he copied Republicans only.

ABC News was one of a few who did note that the candidate’s claim was not true:

If Huma’s lie about turning everything over doesn’t destroy her, THIS State Dept. document will bury her

But Team Hillary went to great lengths to paint Comey’s “unprecedented step” as being a product of partisan politics.

“By providing selective information, he’s allowed partisans to distort and exaggerate to inflict maximum political damage,” campaign chairman John Podesta said Friday.

And the spinmeister had a ready reaction to the blatant misrepresentation of the truth Clinton put forth to support that claim, saying: “I think she had seen the front page of the letter.”

While much of the media is still coming to terms with the idea that Clinton may occasionally fib, social media users were on to the gig from the beginning.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

‘We do not have a warrant’: Officials say Loretta Lynch has not given FBI a warrant for new Huma emails yet

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Tom Tillison


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