How to catch a Hillary voter: Put out Trump signs. Set the nail trap. Wait.

The contentious 2016 presidential race has led to countless reports of campaign signs being destroyed or stolen.

One Donald Trump supporter fought back and laid a trap for an unsuspecting vandal who chose to drive over a few yard signs. A Twitter user posted photos and directions on “How To Catch A Hillary Voter” on Twitter Thursday.

Image: Twitter/ScotPresler


The photos showed a few signs for Trump along a roadside. But one of the signs was a trap as it had been rigged with upright nails driven through a piece of wood.

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The tweet was captioned :

Step 1: Put out Trump signs
Step 2: Set the nail trap
Step 3: Wait

In another photo, a motorist is seen changing his tire, presumably blown by driving over the unseen nails.

The Twitter user, Scott Presler,  was not the one behind the trap but said it was “brilliant” in his comments.

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Frieda Powers


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