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CNN’s Cuomo calls out Hillary surrogate for falling back on WikiLeaks ‘talking point’

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CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo called out Hillary Clinton surrogate Kay Hagan Friday for falling back on the Clinton talking points when confronted with the latest WikiLeaks postings.

The former North Carolina senator chose to blast Russia when Cuomo noted the latest batch of hacked emails indicating how the Clintons and their friends became wealthy through the Clinton Foundation, calling it “corruption with a small ‘c’.”

CNN clip via The Washington Free Beacon

“How do you explain these things to undecided voters?” Cuomo asked Hagen.

“You know, I think the WikiLeaks thing — I think what’s interesting about that is 17 national security agencies within the United States government [have] said that Russia is the culprit behind this,” Hagan said, blaming the messenger while pretending thew message doesn’t exist.

This was what Clinton herself did when confronted with the issue by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace at the third and final presidential debate.

“Kay, Kay,” Cuomo interrupted. “I know the talking point about deflecting it to who did it. I get that it’s wrong that Russia is trying to influence the election. But it’s out there and there is no question of its authenticity by the people involved, so you’ve gotta speak to the substance of it.”

“Bill Clinton said that he would resign [from his foundation position] when Hillary Clinton is elected president,” she said, still ignoring the apparent corruption committed by the Clintons (“with a small ‘C'”). “They will take no money outside the U.S.”

Hagen concluded by saying that she was confident that Clinton would come out the victor in the November 8 election in 12 days.

“Kay Hagan, 11 days,” Cuomo corrected her. “Don’t you extend this election one more day than necessary. Eleven days. Please.”

“I’m counting today and Tuesday,” Hagan said.

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