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‘Wrong!’ MSNBC reporter gets schooled over Donald Trump’s black support during live street interview

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A MSNBC reporter seeking to elicit a negative response about Donald Trump from several black voters in line for early voting in South Carolina instead found himself on the receiving end of a ringing endorsement of the GOP nominee.

“We’ve heard a lot of criticism of Trump’s inner city policies,” the reporter asked the voters.  “What do you make of that criticism?  I’m sure you’ve heard it.”

The first woman replied that Trump was “reaching out to all citizens, including African-Americans.”

“That’s what a president should do, reach out and try to help people and address problems that are going on in our country,” she said.

The reporter then tried his luck with a second woman, but got more of the same.

“My word to all black Americans is let’s not be deceived,” she told him. “Look at the record.  Look at the promises that have been over the past by the Democratic Party. We’re not voting for party, we’re voting for a man who has been standing by all citizens.”

He loves America and that’s what I love about him,” the woman said about Trump. “He loves American and we need somebody that loves America and he also loves all people!”

“And there’s that deception out there that [Trump] has no black supporters,” she concluded. “Wrong! He does!”

Better luck next time MSNBC.

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