Historian makes eerie parallels between current election and the Civil War

History professor William Forstchen, who specializes in the U.S. Civil War, likened the divisiveness of the 2016 presidential campaign to the 1860 election leading up to the Civil War.

The Montreat College professor made his assessment last week on “The Jim Bakker Show”

Clip via “The Jim Bakker Show”

“1860 is the closest I can parallel this to,” Forstchen said. “And we all know what the price was when we went to a civil war, they killed 660,000 young men because we became so divided.”

He urged the viewers to, above all, vote on November 8.

“Those of you who feel ‘I can’t quite pull the lever for this person or that person,’ … you’ve got to vote” for the down ballot candidates — “for your senators” and House members.

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“vote, vote, vote!” Forstchen emphasized.

“And I do believe we’re at 1860.” he added. “We are that close to the edge of the debacle.”

Baptist minister Carl Gallups, who is a Trump supporter, defined the division in the current election as one of the globalists versus the nationalists.

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One predicted that the war — if it came — would be short.

H/T: The Daily Caller


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