Ouch! Al Sharpton slams Project Veritas videos on MSNBC, let’s just say O’Keefe was ready for him

When MSNBC’s Al Sharpton attempted to browbeat Donald Trump senior campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn Sunday on the candidate’s comments about accepting election results, Epshteyn hit back with the latest Project Veritas undercover videos.

The video depicts Clinton operatives rigging the election against Trump, including inciting violence at Trump events.

“Listen, as long as there is no instances that are similar to the Clintons paying for violence at Trump rallies,” Epshteyn explained on “Politics Nation” Sunday.

When the campaign advisor explained that this is what was disclosed on the Project Veritas videos, Sharpton dismissed them altogether.

“Oh, you’re talking about the heavily edited video,” he replied. “Fine.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe wasn’t about to let that one stand — so he re-released a video his group had published in the past — on the Reverend Al himself — one that he would rather the public forget about.

It exposed the MSNBC host as a charlatan, someone who’s up for any cause, so long as the tax-dodger can make a buck from it.

O’Keefe tweeted:

Ouch. That one had to hurt — right where he sits, one observed. Others mentioned his tax payment status and some wondered that he was still around.

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