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‘We don’t do that in America’: Hillary responds to Trump’s threat of jail – Newsflash, the REST of us DO!

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Hillary Clinton responded to Donald Trump‘s promise that if elected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into her email scandal and if found guilty, see that she serves a prison term.

“We don’t do that in America,” she told supporters in Pittsburg Saturday. “We actually have laws, and courts and an independent judiciary.”

She reiterated that sentiment afterward on the campaign aircraft en route to her next appearance in Philadelphia when asked by the Daily Mail.

“I have no concerns about [that] whatsoever,” she told reporters in response to Trump’s pledge.

Really? We don’t do that in America?

Actually, she should be concerned, as “Deplorable Josie” and others observed. The United States is one of those countries where everyone — great and small — is subject to the same laws and the manner in which they’re applied.

And Clinton already has received a break from the justice system.

If Clinton is victorious on November 8, what we’ve observed in the past would be only the beginning.

No matter how much Clinton may think otherwise, there is no royalty here. “We don’t do that in America”? Think again.

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