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‘Real Men Vote For Hillary’ wasn’t gonna fly with adult film star Jenna Jameson; watch her fend off haters

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Former adult film actress Jenna Jameson is not overly impressed with the “real men” who vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jameson, aka “The Queen of Porn,” responded to a meme Friday on Twitter, saying: “Hahahaha! I was just about to post this!”


The image in the meme depicts a metrosexual man holding a sign that reads, “Real Men Vote for Hillary!,” along with several photos of an iconic scene in the smash movie “Goodfellas,” featuring actor Ray Liotta laughing uncontrollably.


Jameson went so far in one tweet as to dismiss all Hillary supporters as “soft ass lefties.”

Photos via Pinterest.
Photos via Pinterest.


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The adult film star was commenting on Wednesday’s presidential debate and called Clinton out for her “blatant disregard for ethics” when she came under attack by liberals. She quickly let them know she is not one to trifle with, though she was a little more direct:

Jameson also defended Donald Trump when a user suggested he would call her names, saying the GOP nominee has “never been anything but kind and respectful to me.”

s_bukley / Shutterstock.com
s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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