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Trump’s ‘nasty woman’ comment ignites firestorm … leaves Hillary supporters dismayed & enraged

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Wednesday night’s last presidential debate was by many accounts Donald Trump’s best performance of the three, but the line everyone will likely remember was his barely audible interruption to Hillary Clinton’s jab at him during an answer to moderator Chris Wallace’s question on Obamacare.

“My social security taxes will go up as will Donald’s, providing he doesn’t know how to get out of it,” Clinton said.

To which Trump muttered, “Such a nasty woman.”

Which, of course, ignited a social media firestorm from Hillary’s supporters. Note the people who even changed their Twitter handles to “Such a Nasty Woman.”





The majority of the debate saw Trump pummel Hillary on the issues that really matter to the American people. The question is, are the people up in arms about his “nasty woman” comment voters he wouldn’t have won anyway, and will the rest of his performance help win the independents and undecideds he will need to win this election?

We will know in less than three weeks!

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