Donald Trump’s ‘bad hombres’ remark triggers CNN panel like you would not believe

The selective outrage was on overload at CNN.

Although Hillary Clinton refused to respond to debate questions about the Clinton Foundation’s misdeeds and divulged U.S. nuclear secrets on national TV, a CNN pabel was upset about — “bad hombres”?

While answering a question about border security at the third presidential debate Wednesday, Republican nominee Donald Trump made a reference to illegal immigrants who later violate our crime statutes as “bad hombres.”

Clip via CNN

One would have thought he used the N-word.

Communist-leaning 9/11 truther and former Barack Obama “green jobs czar” Van Jones called it “disgusting and wrong” and said Trump used the phrase “to beat up a whole community.”

Former Obama senior campaign advisor Patti Solis Doyle called the phrase “very offensive” and said she “was aghast.”

Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord defended the term, saying it was regularly used on 1950s TV westerns.

Other than Lord, conservative commentator Kayleigh McEnany seemed to be the only person with a grip on reality. She observed that Trump was merely concerned about American kids dying from drugs — much of them brought over the border by Mexicans who arrived here illegally.

She also observed that those who were offended are too concerned about political correctness.

“This is why Donald Trump won this nomination.”

And that is why CNN has been anointed with the term “Clinton News Network” since the time of the Bill Clinton administration.

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