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Now Trump’s a monster for kissing kids on the cheek . . . and we are supposed to take this media seriously?

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Politicians have been kissing young children since time began, but when GOP nominee Donald Trump does it he’s portrayed as a monster by many in the media.

The same media eager to give lift to the voices of women who charge Trump with sexual misconduct, even though there is little or no evidence to support the claims.

Trump was speaking at a rally Monday night in Wisconsin when he paused to acknowledge a young girl in the crowd.

“By the way, that is the most beautiful little girl,” the candidate said of the child. “Look how beautiful. Hi, do you want to come up and see me?”

The girl comes on stage and Trump picks her up while sharing her name with the crowd. He then kissed the girl on the cheek twice, although she turns away on the second attempt.

Naturally, it was the second attempt that became the focal point for Trump’s detractors.

Actor Scott Baio highlighted the media bias at play here, posting a clip this week of a 2000 episode of “Maury,” featuring Trump interacting with a young girl with bone disease:

Baio wasn’t the only one to note the rank hypocrisy of the media… here’s a sampling of responses from social media users on Twitter:

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