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Sex-bomb Pam Anderson brings Julian Assange lunch; why rumors exploded that she poisoned him

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Talk about swirling rumors, the internet was abuzz over the weekend with reports that Julian Assange had died, the victim of a vegan sandwich.

…hand delivered by Pamela Anderson!

The truth is the sex-bomb did show up at the Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has been holed up since 2012, and she was carrying bags from the UK sandwich shop Pret A Manger, according to the Daily Mail.

And while it’s not clear if Assange consumed anything that may have been in the bags, he is very much still alive despite the bizarre rumors.

Alive, but apparently a little worse for the wear.

More from the Daily Mail:

Julian Assange says his internet link was ‘severed’ by state agents hours after claims he was poisoned by a Pret vegan sandwich brought to him by Pamela Anderson.

The WikiLeaks founder’s only connection to the outside world from his Ecuadorian embassy hideout in London was cut today, with supporters saying America was behind the cyber attack.


WikiLeaks posted a message on Twitter that supported the claim that Assange had been cut off, along with a series of what appeared to be coded tweets:

Adding to the intrigue, one of the coded messages referenced “pre-commitment 1: John Kerry,” prompting conspiracy theorists to claim U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit this weekend to meet U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was somehow linked to events.

Anderson later joked about the effect the food she brought had on the WikiLeaks founder.

“I brought him a nice vegan lunch and some vegan snacks” she told the Press Association. “He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food.”

“I really believe in him and think he’s a good person, and I’m concerned about his health, his family, and I just hope that by some miracle he’s set free,” Anderson added.

That expression of concern coupled with the WikiLeaks tweets sent rumors of his demise into overdrive.

Tom Tillison


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