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Giuliani explains voter fraud to combative Jake Tapper – ‘dead people generally vote for Democrats’

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani explained a basic fact of political life to CNN anchor Jake Tapper Sunday: That dead people generally vote straight Democratic.

Giuliani’s comments were sparked by Tapper’s observation on “State of the Union” that some Republican officials have expressed concern over Donald Trump and his supporters’ claims that the election is rigged in favor of his Democratic rival.

Clip via CNN

The former mayor backed up Trump’s claims, and said that the election isn’t just being rigged at the polls — the media are also complicit.

“Eighty to 85 percent of the media are against him,” he said.

When prompted on the subject, he added that experience has taught him that if there is going to be any fraud committed at the polls, it will more-than-likely occur in Democratic-controlled jurisdictions such as Chicago or Pennsylvania.

“I’ve found very few situations where Republicans cheat. They don’t control the inner cities the way Democrats do. Maybe if Republicans controlled the inner cities, they’d do as much cheating as Democrats,” Giuliani explained, before adding his kicker.

“I’m sorry, dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans.”

Giuliani then said it’s not just Democrats storming the cemeteries to find votes; they also bus people in from district to district to cast votes.

“I can’t sit here and tell you that they don’t cheat, and I know because they control the polling places in these areas. There are no Republicans,” Giuliani said. “Then it’s very hard to get people there who will challenge votes. So what they do is they leave dead people on the rolls and then they pay people to vote [as] those dead people, four, five, six, seven, eight [times].”

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