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Report claims NBC execs sat on lewd Trump tape to maximize impact on election

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NBC has reportedly abandoned all pretense of being in the news reporting business in favor of the news influencing business.

According to multiple sources connected to NBC, TMZ learned that the peacock network timed the release of the sexually aggressive 11-year-old “Access Hollywood” interview with Donald Trump to have maximum impact on both the Sunday debate and the general election.

Surprise! Or should we say, October surprise?

TMZ reported:

Multiple sources connected with NBC tell us … top network execs knew about the video long before they publicly said they did, but wanted to hold it because it was too early in the election. The sources say many NBC execs have open disdain for Trump and their plan was to roll out the tape 48 hours before the debate so it would dominate the news cycle leading up to the face-off.


“NBCUniversal Television Distribution, in association with NBC’s owned-and-operated station KNBC has been solely responsible for [“Access Hollywood’s”] production and distribution since 2004,” according to Wikipedia.

The Billy Bush “Access Hollywood” interview was recorded a year later, in 2005 — while NBC had control.

This would be the same NBC that produced Trump’s own hit reality series “Celebrity Apprentice,” which he abandoned in favor a run for the White House.

That decision had to have hurt the network’s bottom line and that may have been a good time to release the interview — but network executives sat on the story.

They claim that they only learned of it just prior to its release, yet TMZ reported earlier that Bill Bush — the interviewer in the 2005 clip — bragged about the exchange in front of NBC executives in early August at the Rio Olympics. TMZ reported:

We’re told the plan was to edit the tape to keep the focus on Trump and not Billy. “Access Hollywood” we’re told was not going to air the portion where Trump and Billy got off the bus and Billy goaded Trump and the soap star to hug. Our sources say the tape was going to be “sanitized” to protect Billy as much as possible.


And it did — the story dominated the news cycle and had a lasting negative impact on the Trump campaign,

But the network would now have America believe that two days before the second presidential debate, and six weeks before the general election, some guy just happened to remember a decade-old interview sitting in the NBC vault.

Some people believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny also.

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