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President Obama trash-talks Trump about getting a job at 7-11

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While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, North Carolina Tuesday, President Barack Obama accused Clinton’s Republican rival of having disqualified himself for even a job at a 7-Eleven convenience store.

When one can find nothing good to say about your candidate, slam your candidate’s opponent.

Clip via The Washington Post

“The guy says stuff nobody would find tolerable if they were applying for a job at 7-Eleven,” Obama said of Donald Trump to a crowd of an estimated 7,700 at an outdoor amphitheater.

Obama was referring to some decade-old sexually aggressive hot mic remarks Trump made during the taping of an “Access Hollywood” segment.

“You don’t have to be a husband or father to say, ‘That’s not right.’ You just have to be a decent human being.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said that the president called Trump’s remarks “repugnant” while en route to the Greensboro venue, and added that the words amounted to a sexual assault.

Obama apparently had no opinion of former President Bill Clinton’s actual alleged assaults, nor Hillary Clinton’s treatment of her husband’s accusers.

He also questioned Trump’s business acumen.

“I also know a lot of casino operators who managed not to lose $1 billion in a year. They say the house always wins. I don’t know what happened.”

Obama left unsaid that the State Department lost $6 billion while Clinton ran the agency.

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