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Paul Ryan fires a shot across Donald Trump’s bow. Trump fires back…with both barrels

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You gotta know Donald Trump wasn’t going to take this lying down.

Earlier Monday, House Speaker Paul Ryan told GOP lawmakers in a conference call that he won’t defend or campaign with the Republican presidential nominee, and essentially gave them permission to “do what’s best for their district.”

In the wake of last Friday’s open mic scandal, the concern seems to be preserving the current Republican majority in the House of Representatives. National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden told reporters that Ryan “is willing to endure political pressure to help protect our majority.”

For his part, Donald Trump’s reaction was swift, to the point and, of course, on Twitter:


While Ryan did stop short of entirely disavowing Trump, perhaps he should be concerned that Trump’s voters, you know, the majority of Republicans who turn out for these House races, could very well put THEIR anti-Trump Congresscritters out to pasture.

(Poor hand-wringing, bed-wetting Paul Ryan. Perhaps he should take a few lessons in the way the world works from actor Scott Baio!)

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Scott Morefield


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