You know you’re ‘full of crap’ when . . . see a fly land on Hillary’s face in priceless debate moment

The participants of each presidential debate are allowed to invite special guests to sit in the audience to watch the proceedings, but there was one “guest” at Sunday’s event that proved to be as entertaining than the slugfest itself.

It was a common house fly, and it decided to perch itself directly on Clinton’s eyebrow to get up close and personal.

Social media was all abuzz.


Needless to say, the snark flew about the type of material flies are most attracted to:

And, of course, conspiracy theories abound about questionable deaths of those who get too close to the Clintons — the fly was no exception.

Pollster Frank Luntz described the debate as a real game-changer for Donald Trump, but Clinton got a consolation prize.

But the real winner of Sunday’s debate was …

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