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BIG Hollywood libs, sure Trump would tank, go into mega-meltdown when he starts mopping the floor

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Regardless of your view of GOP nominee Donald Trump, one YUGE benefit of him squaring off against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election is the effect it is having on liberals in America.

Commentary on social media during Sunday night’s presidential town hall/debate suggested Hollywood elites and other celebrities are devastated by the turn of events and watching these events is pure torture for them.

Liberal newswoman Arianna Huffington got things off to a raucous start with an apparent obsession with Trump grabbing things:

Rotund left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore even felt compelled to send Clinton a trigger warning:

Naturally, former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry was too busy counting how many black people were in the room to pay attention to what was happening on the stage:

Larry King chimed in to say the race is now “a parody of itself,” which prompted Rosie O’Donnell to reply by reminding the television talk show host of his culpability in that:

Speaking of Rosie, she posted a running commentary on Twitter throughout the town hall debate with her commentary going down hill from the example below… if that’s even possible:

Other celebrities who weighed in, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Surprisingly, former MSNBC host Piers Morgan ruled the contest in Trump’s favor, as did the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, who is no fan of the GOP nominee:

But the crowning tweet of the night, no doubt, belonged to former Miss Universe Alicia Machado:

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