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Donald Trump answers calls to exit race; here’s what he’s considering . . .

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Amid growing calls for Donald Trump to exit the race following the release of a video of the candidate making lewd remarks about women, the embattled GOP nominee made it clear Saturday there is “zero chance” of that happening.


In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump said there’s “zero chance I’ll quit” in response to the backlash over what he previously called “locker room banter” with former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

While he expects the controversy to blow over, Trump said he is considering making a speech Saturday night to address the issue, according to Zero Hedge.

Trump, who has apologized for the remarks, saying he’s “not a perfect man,” denies that his campaign is in crisis.

“The support I’m getting is unbelievable, because Hillary Clinton is a horribly flawed candidate,” he told the Journal.

A number of Republican lawmakers, to include Sens. Mike Lee and Mark Kirk, Rep.Jason Chaffetz and former primary opponent Carly Fiorina have called on Trump to step aside. Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt has also called on Trump to quit.

The real estate tycoon also told the Washington Post on Saturday that he isn’t going anywhere.

“I’d never withdraw. I’ve never withdrawn in my life,” Trump said. “No, I’m not quitting this race. I have tremendous support.”

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